Corporate social responsibility

A human-centered corporate culture

To assure the health and security of everyone and to preserve our environment, we are following a Quality and Environmental and Social Policy. Thus, our actions are based on the following values:

  • Creativity for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Reactivity in front of our customers’ requests and the capacity of adaptation
  • Complete engagement of our staff to satisfy and gain the trust of our customers
  • Listening to all our staff to develop the well-being and ambitions of everyone
  • Responsibility of the social and environmental effects that we have on our society

A dynamic firm

To progress and get the satisfaction of our customers, we want to be certified in several fields. After getting the ISO 9001v.2015 certificate in 2018, the Ecovadis silver medal (Val Laquage and Inserdéco) and the bronze medal (Piochel SN) in 2021, we now aim for the “sens de l’humain” label, the Ecovadis gold medal and the ISO NF EN 22716(BPF) in 2022.

Our CSR goals 2022

Respect of people

  • Committing ourselves by concrete actions :
    Total parity in the executive committee
    Sponsorship for the world forum “Normandy for peace”
  • Contributing to the equality between women and men :
    Professional equality index 92/100

Evolution of our know-how

  • Guaranteeing the well-being of everyone at work:
    Reduction of the psychosocial risks
    Fight against the musculoskeletal disorders with the CARSAT
  • Developing skills :
    Creation of specific trainings for our professions
    Evolution of the skills of our workers towards new technologies

Preservation of the environment

  • Reducing the environmental impact :
    Controlling the atmospheric rejections by using 99% water-soluble products
  • Searching for cleaner technologies :
    Investments in new industrial means
  • Increasing the part of recyclable products :
    80% of waste are recycled
    100% of our dangerous waste are recovered

Moral Responsibility

  • Buying responsibly:
    Partnerships made with suppliers located in a zone less than 200km away.
  • Promoting the equality of chances :
    Partnerships with firms hiring workers with adapted missions
professional equality index
of our staff trained every year
of our dangerous waste recovered
of distance with our main suppliers