Coating: partial, shading, metal effects, pearly, iridescent, spot or soft touch effect coating. All these techniques give the bottle its own personality to make it the most faithful ambassador of the product inside.  
Our laboratory creates every type of painting and decoration ink (water-soluble, epoxy, UV …) and develops every tint. 

Screen printing / pad printing: These 2 decoration techniques underline the awesomeness of your product. The printing fits perfectly the shape and regularity of the surface for a very good printing quality.

Hot stamping: This printing technique using heat transfer makes the product shiny thanks to metallic effects. Different shades of gold and silver will allow you to add a touch of elegance to your products.

UV gluing: Medallion, plate or any other accessories, we offer you gluing services to add a final touch to your product. Metalizing process: The metalizing process makes your product unique. It is composed of a minor quantity of metal which can be put on any type of material. Gold, silver or other, give a mirror effect to your bottles

Our new investment:
The innovative K15 machine prints with flexibly and precisely all possible article shapes (round, oval, angular, flat and with handle) in the best quality.

Aside from our know-how, we offer to our customers a logistic organization and a global service.