Val Fi group

The Val Fi group, headed by Valérie Tellier, is composed of 3 production sites: VAL LAQUAGE VT, INSERDECO and PIOCHEL SN. They each participate in the process of glass customization for the packaging of products intended for the following markets: cosmetic, perfumes, lifestyle, glassware, wines and spirits, and pharmaceutical. 

All our subsidiaries are members of the Glass Vallée.  



The firm “Val Laquage” was created in April 1998 by Valérie Tellier. It is located in Ouville-la-Rivière with 6 lines of coating, Val Laquage VT has a production capacity of 45 million units/year. 


Created in 1995, the firm Inserdéco joined the Val Fi group in 2006. It is specialized in the decoration on glass. Different techniques are used: screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing and UV gluing.  
Inserdéco’s buildings are located next to Val Laquage’s ones, which enables us to offer global services while limiting handling and waiting periods 
Equipped with automatic and semi-automatic machines, Inserdéco has a production capacity of 30 million units/year.  


Created in 1988 by Roger Piochel, the firm Piochel joined the Val fi group in 2009. It is located in Rouxmesnil-Bouteille near Dieppe. Equipped with 6 coating lines and a vacuum metalizing machine, the firm has a production capacity of 40 million units/year.

Important dates


Creation of Piochel by Roger Piochel


Creation of Val Laquage VT – 1st production done with a line – 3 production lines


Buyout of Inserdéco in January (decoration manufacturer with financial difficulties)  


Economic crisis


Buyout of Piochel by Val Fi group, which becomes Piochel SN. It enables Val Fi to increase the production capacity, to highlight the familial know-how and to possess a production site in an industrial zone 


Valérie Tellier is decorated with “l’ordre national du mérite” by Loïc Quentin from Grosmards, president of Saverglass


Transition from a one-executive-officer-system to an executive committee. Change of governance


Obtaining the certification ISO 9001v.2015 


Purchase of a vacuum metalizing machine and creation of a new-generation production line for Piochel SN. 


Purchase of an automatic decoration K15 machine for screen printing and hot stamping for Inserdéco. Creation of a new coating line in Val Laquage intended for pre-series and small series.